As volunteer Police Officers, Special Constables have full police powers, uniform and equipment and work alongside full-time Police Officers and PCSOs to keep South Wales safe. Volunteers for the Special Constabulary come from all walks of life. You may be at home, bringing up a family, or employed in any one of a wide variety of jobs. The diversity and varied experiences of the Special Constabulary helps the police service to represent the communities they serve.

You will be trained to use the same powers as full-time police constables – there will be a lot for you to learn. Once successful in your application you will complete a part time initial training programme which covers classroom based teaching, practical training and distance learning. After this you will begin to carry out your role as a special constable, working alongside an experience police officer or special constable until you are ready to work independently.  You will be expected to commit at least 16 hours a month for the rest of your service.

During your service you will deal with a varied range of incidents. There will be times when you will experience confrontation; you will arrest suspects and attend often distressing events, but it won’t be all blue lights and car chases.

You will be there for people in times of need, there will be occasions when you don’t finish your shift on time and when it feels like all you do is complete paperwork. But if you have the drive to make a difference in your community you will get a great deal out of working alongside full-time officers to make South Wales safer.

The Special Constabulary Delivery Plan – written by the Special Constabulary for the Special Constabulary.

Chief Officer of the Special Constabulary said: 'The Special Constabulary is embedded within South Wales Police, effectively supporting its mission and vision, meanwhile offering an attractive volunteering experience to members of our communities.  To achieve this we will become self-sufficient and take ownership of areas of work that support the achievement of both local and Force priorities.'