Please note: if you submitted a road traffic incident report on this site, you'll be able to download a copy of your report once you've submitted it. That report is a collision report. You can then send that report to your insurance company or solicitor. 

If you're a solicitor or an insurance agent, you can apply on behalf of your client for a copy of any existing collision reports the police have made or hold.

If you're representing yourself in civil proceedings, you can also apply.

Reports can only be released once the case has been closed.

You can also request an interview with the police officer who dealt with the road traffic collision, as long as it's been investigated.

We don't report on:

  • damage only
  • minor injuries
  • failure to stop after a car park collision
  • failure to stop where the registration number is unknown
  • CCTV footage - please contact the CCTV operator

We will only disclose information to the following parties:

  • involved parties or their accredited representative engaged in or contemplating civil proceedings
  • insurance companies, trade unions or friendly societies acting on behalf of an involved party

Details that can be released

As required under Section 170 of the Road Traffic Act 1988:

  • date and location of the collision
  • names and addresses of the drivers and owners
  • vehicle make, model and registration
  • details of pending court proceedings

Additional information can include the following:

  • names and addresses of persons involved
  • injured persons details (if applicable)
  • list of witnesses (if available and consent has been given to release)
  • witness statements (if available and consent has been given to release)
  • photographs (if available)

How to apply

Fill in the form below and send it with a cheque to the address on the form.

If you have any queries, please email us.


For a non-refundable fee of £35.80, we will search the South Wales Police Record Management System to find any information available that can be released. This will cover the cost of sending you third party details if they are found.

We'll tell you about costs for more detailed reports that may have been found after the search is done.