Please observe the following advice carefully to help with your online application form; failure to do so may result in your application being withdrawn.

For Police staff applications submitted to South Wales Police, make sure you:

  • read all sections of the role profile to ensure you understand all the requirements of the position
  • review the essential competency criteria on the role profile that will need to be evidenced against in your application
  • re-read your application to check for spelling, grammar and formatting before submitting
  • complete your application in plenty of time for the deadline

Cautions and Convictions

You may still be eligible to join the police service if you have minor convictions/cautions, but there are certain offences and conditions that will make you ineligible. Please check against the role eligibility criteria before applying.



You must be a British Citizen, citizen from the European Economic Area (EEA), Commonwealth citizen or foreign national with no restrictions on your stay in the United Kingdom. You must also have been continually resident in the UK for the three year period immediately before an application is made. This is to satisfy the requirement to vet all applicants in an equitable manner and the UK Police service does not currently have any means of facilitating vetting checks overseas, to the extent required of those who have been resident in the UK. Applicants who cannot be vetted, cannot be appointed.


Political Affiliation

South Wales Police has a policy of prohibiting any of our officers or staff from being members of the BNP, or a similar organisation whose aims, objectives or pronouncements may contradict the duty to promote race equality. If you are, or have previously been a member of the BNP or a similar organisation, your application will be rejected.



For certain Police staff roles you will be required to have obtained a specific level of qualification or have sufficient experience of working in the required field. This will be clearly stipulated on the role profile. If you do not provide evidence of your qualification and/or level of experience with your application then it will be withdrawn from the application process.



Candidates with visible tattoos may be eligible for appointment. Each case will be considered on its own merits, taking into account the number, nature, size, prominence, appearance and location of the tattoos. Tattoos must not be offensive to colleagues or members of the public or undermine the dignity of your role within the Force. Tattoos on the neck, face or hands are still deemed to be unacceptable but consideration may be given in some circumstances considering the size, nature and prominence of the tattoo. If candidates choose to have any additional tattoos during the recruitment process, after passing eligibility checks, the onus is on them to advise HR and provide appropriate photographs which will need to be checked.

The salary range, contracted hours and shift allowances for a Police staff role will be clearly stipulated on the vacancy application page.


What can South Wales Police offer you:

  • Training and development opportunities
  • Enhanced Maternity and Paternity pay (where eligible)
    Career Break – Staff can apply for a career break (after 2 years’ service)
  • Assistance and advice from Occupational Health and access to a range of support services which include: Charitable Trust and Police Mutual
  • Childcare Vouchers – exchange part of your salary for tax and NI free childcare vouchers
  • Access to subsidised gyms
  • Cycle to work – obtain a new bike to travel to work through your salary saving tax and NI
  • Lifestyle Discounts which include travel subsidiaries, an eye care scheme and many more
  • Staff Support Networks which include: Female Police Association, LGBT Network, Black Police Association, Christian Police Association, Ability Support Network, Police Federation, Unison, GMB.


Benefits of working for South Wales Police.

If you consider yourself to have a disability, please inform us of the type of adjustments you might need to assist you in participating in the recruitment and selection process. South Wales Police will try to make the reasonable adjustments required where practicable.


If you are successful, you will have to complete a medical questionnaire and dependent on the post you may have to undertake a medical examination e.g. hearing test/eye test

Application guidance FAQs

Attached to the advert you will find a role profile relating to the job that you are applying for. This profile provides an overview of the role and the criteria that you will need to be able to meet in order to do the job. You should use the Role Profile to complete the assessment part of the application form.


The role profile details the main responsibilities and the criteria required in undertaking the role. When evidencing your skills, knowledge, experience and personal qualities as outlined in the criteria on the role profile, you may also wish to consider the main responsibilities area and what competencies / qualities you possess in meeting these responsibilities.

A competency is a quality used to measure how well you can do something: competencies may include areas such as, ‘upholds professional standards’ or ‘remains calm and professional under pressure’. If you can evidence through your application a time when you have successfully upheld professional standards or remained calm under pressure, you will be demonstrating you are ‘competent’ in these areas. You must provide evidence of the qualities you already have, or may develop, that enable you to carry out the role. Your answers in this section will be used to decide whether your application will proceed to the next stage. It’s important that you think carefully about your responses, which can be from your recent or past experiences.


Each role profile we advertise clearly provides a complete list of competencies that are both required, and desired, from an individual to undertake that role.

The competency criteria on the role profile that you must evidence are included at the end of the document. The competency criteria will be shown in a table format.


When completing your application please ensure you only complete the sections marked in the table as ‘Yes’. Do not complete the criteria marked as ‘no’ as these will not be assessed. You will be allowed 500 words for each criteria - the word count does not override to the next criteria.

To evidence the relevant competency criteria you will need to provide specific examples of work tasks or events which you have undertaken or attended. You can also draw on skills or experience that you have gained as a result of doing voluntary work, work in your own home or at school, college or university, as well as in paid work.


It is not essential to provide evidence for every individual point, one example will often cover a number of key criteria and so it may often be appropriate to provide one scenario detailing a number of skills or personal qualities. 


We want to know what YOU said or did on a given occasion to deal with the situation. It’s therefore important that the examples you provide are your own experiences and as detailed as possible. We expect your answers to be relevant and focused. Please refrain from the use of jargon and slang as this is unacceptable.