Communications throughout your application

All communications throughout your application will be conducted by email. It is important that the email address you supplied in your application is your current one. It is also worth regularly checking your junk folder while in this process.

Elements of the sifting and pre-employment checks can take many weeks to complete; during these periods you may go for large periods of time without any communication. In these instances please do not contact us – we will make contact with you when your application is ready to be moved on to the next stage.

Accessing your application

You can access your application through our online recruitment page. To view your application:

  1. Login to the site using the email address and password you used as part of your registration,
  2. Once logged in, you will see your name in the top right hand of the screen. Click on this to see a drop down menu. This will show ‘Profile options’ and ‘Your applications’,
  3. Under ‘Your applications’ you will see a list of all your current and previous applications. Here you can view your application, review its status and view all relevant communications.

Booking tests/appointments/interviews

If you are invited to book a test, appointment or interview you should do this through our online recruitment page.

Follow the above instructions to access your application. Under ‘Your applications’ you will need to select ‘Review Status’ for the relevant role. On this page there will be a button where you can book the element of the process you are required to complete. Typically an email will be sent to you notifying that an action is required on your application.

Withdrawing your application

We understand that individual circumstances can change and it may be that you need to withdraw from one of our recruitment processes.

To withdraw, follow the above instructions to access your application. Under ‘Your applications’ you will need to select ‘Review Status’ for the relevant role. On this page there is a button marked ‘Withdraw application’. Clicking on this will show a confirmation box where you will be required to confirm you wish to withdraw. A reason for your withdrawal should be provided as part of this confirmation.

Please be mindful that once withdrawn you will be unable to re-enter the recruitment process. Withdrawing will not prohibit you from making future applications to South Wales Police.

Notifying us about a mistake made on your application form

If a mistake has been made on your application, this should be rectified as soon as possible by contacting the recruitment team to make the amendment. Do not create an additional application as the system will identify it as a duplicate submission.

Notifying us of a change in circumstance

You must notify us of any changes in your personal circumstances that occur after your application has been submitted. These include; change of marital status or civil partnership, change of name or address, changes relating to convictions or cautions, changes relating to financial status and any changes of co-residents (including minors).

Requesting feedback

Owing to the volume of applications we receive we are unfortunately unable to provide feedback during the shortlisting process.

Feedback following interview may be available for candidates, though this will depend on the role and the number of candidates interviewed. This may not be possible in all circumstances.

Giving notice

We highly recommend that you do not give notice to your current employer until you have received your contract and start date from South Wales Police.

Booking annual leave during training periods

A number of our operational and specialist roles have a period of mandatory training that applicants are committed to attend should they receive an offer of employment from South Wales Police. You will be allocated a certain amount of annual leave during this training period but you will not be permitted to take any additional leave during training, unless there is an extenuating circumstance.

An extenuating circumstance may include leave for weddings (only your own or a close relatives), graduations or a funeral. If you are entering a role with mandatory training you should notify the HR team before your start date if you require additional leave as these will be subject to approval from the training leader.

Applicants should be aware that mandatory training for the following roles is around:

  • PC: six months
  • PCSO: 10 weeks
  • Public Service Centre: 16 weeks

Getting in touch

All our recruitment information is provided on our website to ensure ease of use for any potential applicants to South Wales Police. Should you require any additional assistance in any stage of your application please contact our recruitment teams. A number of our teams remain working from home so it is best to email your query in the first instance.

Police Officer recruitment (including Fast Track to Detective and Pre-join)
Email: [email protected]

PCSO and Specials recruitment
Email: [email protected]

Police Staff recruitment
Email: [email protected]

For general queries please email: [email protected] or if you would like to talk with a member of the recruitment team please call: 01656 869225

When emailing please ensure you include your name, application ID and vacancy ID as the subject heading.