We check applications to ensure applicants have passed probation and have correct promotion criteria depending on rank applied for.

We check eligibility in accordance with Home Office circulars and  ACPO guidance.

Recruitment process

Application Form - We will score the evidence you have provided of your skills and experience. If successful at this stage you will be invited to attend an interview.

Interview – You will be asked to attend an interview where you will have a series of competency based questions. If successful you will be given a conditional offer and invited to attend background checks. This conditional offer is subject to completion of all required background checks as below.

Background checks – If successful at interview we will need to carry out security and financial vetting (including a check with your home force Professional Standards department), to the level required for the role. We will also invite you to attend a Medical (and BMI) check, Fitness test, biometric vetting (fingerprints and DNA speculative search) and drugs test. We will try to arrange all the tests for the same day but this cannot be guaranteed as appointments are subject to organisational demand. To facilitate these background checks we will ask you to complete:

  • Security and financial vetting forms
  • Consent form for access to complaints and discipline records
  • 2 year PDR’s
  • We will ask you to provide your Occupational Health department with a consent form for us to access your records.

We will also at this stage be contacting your home force to verify sickness, training, and to confirm your salary/pension.


Once all background checks are complete and home force information has been verified we will send you a final offer of appointment confirming posting, location, training etc.


We will ask you to attend a 3 week induction period on joining – this will cover things like uniform fitting and ID, introduction to Welsh, Diversity training, Officer Safety training, Data Protection training and courses on our systems.


Once induction is complete we will invite you to attend a re-attestation ceremony.


Can I transfer to SWP if I am still in my probationary period?

Unfortunately officers wishing to apply must have successfully completed their 2 year probationary period at the appropriate rank or Step 4 of the NPPF process as at the closing date of the application process.

Can I transfer to SWP if I have PIP2 accreditation and have same powers as a Police Officer?

Unfortunately civilian investigators are not sworn police officers and are ineligible to transfer to a Police Officer role, this is despite the fact they may have investigative experience.What types of roles are you looking to fill?

We are looking for Officers with various skills including Detectives from Constable to Inspector rank so that we can fill a variety of future vacancies as they arise. We do not have a timescale for appointments at the moment. Appointments will depend on applicants’ skills and vacancies across the force area and cannot be guaranteed.

Where will I be posted?

Please note that most vacancies are for Eastern Basic Command Unit and certain specialist departments.. If you wish to transfer to other locations or roles within South Wales Police, your application may  be held pending future vacancies.

What is the minimum eyesight for officers transferring?

If successful we will ask you to attend a medical appointment, which includes an eyesight test. Minimum standard is currently 6/36 unaided vision (without glasses/contact lenses.

Who will you write to for a reference?

We will contact your HR department to verify sickness, PDR, training, salary and pension. Please provide a direct email and telephone number for them.

What rank do I need to put as a referee?

We would suggest that rank of Inspector or above would be suitable.

Would my training be honoured and transfer to SWP?

Provided training courses attended are nationally accredited, following national guidelines and there is evidence of competence (i.e. certificate of completion of courses and refreshers) they would be transferrable.

I have Ospre 1 and 2 they would be transferrable?

Officers who have Ospre qualification would need to apply for promotion after appointment when we have a promotion recruitment process open at South Wales Police. You will transfer on your current grade.

Which forces are you accepting transferring officers from?

  • All England and Wales territorial Police forces.
  • The Police Service of Northern Ireland
  • British Transport Police (BTP)
  • Ministry of Defence (Mod) Police And Port of Tilbury Constabulary
  • Channel Isles, Isle of Man PoliceWe are not currently accepting applications from officers serving with:
  • The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC)
  • National Crime Agency (NCA) – staff with investigative experience but not sworn officers.