South Wales Police is not currently accepting applications for any of our Police Officer Entry pathways. If you are interested in applying to be a Police Officer in any of the four Welsh forces you can register your interest here


Yes you can still apply for the PCDA (3 year apprenticeship) however you will be required to carry out an on line test that measures academic capability.

As above.

Yes, however, the eligibility requirements for the Apprenticeship route will still apply.

You no longer need a CKP to apply, however a CKP is classed as a Level 3 qualification and therefore if you already have a CKP this can be used as the Level 3 qualification required to apply; as long as it is still valid.

Application process

The short answer is yes you can. Policing is an exciting but equally challenging role, which is not for everyone. However, we do ask that all prospective police officers fully consider these challenges and their suitability before submitting their application.

If you fail at any point in the process, the force will notify you. While it is not possible to complete a resit, it will be possible to re-apply within six months following notification.

Our selection procedure is no different for all applicants, and is based solely on merit. The procedure does not remove competition and South Wales Police will always take the best applicants.

If you do not have a Level 3 qualification or above you must also successfully pass a verbal reason and calculation test. This will test your academic ability to Level 3.


If you successfully complete the above tests, but if you fail in another part of the recruitment process, you will not be required to retake these tests again, should you wish to re-apply.


There are 2 tests that every applicant must complete (regardless of qualifications), these are a Situational Judgement test and a Behavioural Style Questionnaire. Both of these must be passed in order to continue in the application process.

In the case of applicants who fail to attend any appointments during the process, without prior notification and identifying a satisfactory reason, we reserve the right to withdraw them from the process.

If you wish to seek reasonable adjustments at the SEARCH Assessment Centre, a full diagnostic report (obtained over the age of 16) will need to be obtained and submitted, preferably at the point of application, to South Wales Police for onward transmission to the College of Policing.


The College is responsible for confirmation of the validity of the report and subsequent proposal/s for reasonable adjustments. Any adjustments will need to be agreed by the candidate in advance of the assessment centre. Applicants enquiring about additional reasonable adjustments should do so via the HR Recruitment team.


Further information about the requirements for reasonable adjustments can be found in the Reasonable Adjustment and Accommodation Policy.

You will receive full support throughout your probationary period, however should you fail to meet the required standard, you will not be expected to pay back any of the costs incurred.


All face to face delivery will take place on police premises within the South Wales Police area. Self-study and on-line learning will be carried out remotely.

No – any travelling costs incurred will be your responsibility.

Books etc. Students will be provided with learning materials by both South Wales Police and the partner University at no cost.

Our exciting new PCDA and DHEP courses and the academic regime behind them, mean that annual leave will be restricted during the initial 6 months of your probation.


Please be mindful that if you have holidays booked or are unable to attend training for any reason on days outside the pre-determined leave periods, it will mean that there is a high probability that you will be unable to join. Extended periods of annual leave cannot be accommodated during this period.


On appointment you will be provided with 3 designated weeks off during your initial 6 months of training. Unfortunately due to constantly changing force requirements we are unable to provide intake/leave dates in advance.

Yes you will. The Force and HEI have calculated the amount of time required for you to complete all elements of the qualification and this will be rostered into your shift pattern.

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