The following information is provided to assist with your application:

  • Applicants are permitted to apply to more than one force at a time but a choice must be made prior to assessment centre.
  • An assessment centre pass mark is valid for 2 years before a candidate would have to re-sit.
  • Transferring Police National Assessment Centre (SEARCH) scores to South Wales Police

You are able to request to transfer your Assessment Centre score but only when we are advertising a recruitment campaign.

As part of the national recruitment process, South Wales Police consider applications from individuals who achieve an overall pass mark of 50% across each competency at the national assessment process (SEARCH). Please note that when you request to transfer your score you are still required to complete and submit an application form and complete any other sections of the recruitment process that you are guided to. (You will not receive confirmation on whether your AC score has been accepted or not until after the campaign has closed).

Using mobile device to complete application

It is not advisable to use hand held devices such as tablets or mobile phones as they are not compatible with the on-line tests that have to be completed. We are only able to re-set tests on one occasion per candidate.

Use of laptops/PCs to apply

It is advisable to complete the whole application process on the same device as the IP addresses will conflict if you decide to swap devices once you have commenced and this could prevent you continuing with your application. It is therefore not advisable to complete your application in work.
Applicants are also advised to check their “junk” box for email updates from the system.

Proof of qualification

You will be required to upload and attach your relevant Degree or Level 3 or equivalent Certificate before you submit your application. If you do not have a copy of this you will need to obtain one from the appropriate educational establishment. If your Degree (or Level 3 qualification) was achieved outside of the UK, you must achieve ratification from a Higher Education Establishment within the UK to evidence your qualification is recognised at Degree standard (or level 3 standard).

Candidates who do not possess either of these qualifications are able to sit an on-line verbal reasoning and maths calculation test prior to submitting an application. This test form forms part of the electronic application process.

Separately and outside of the application process – Individuals who do not possess a Level 2 (GCSE – Grade A to C or equivalent) in English or Maths will be required to complete the Essential Skills element during the course.

Online tests

If you do not have a Level 3 qualification or above you must also successfully pass a verbal reasoning and maths calculation test. This will test your academic ability to Level 3. If you successfully complete the above tests, but fail in another part of the recruitment process, you will not be required to retake these tests again, should you wish to re-apply after 6 months.

There are 2 tests that every applicant must complete (regardless of qualifications), these are a Situational Judgement Test and a Behavioural Style Questionnaire. Both of these must be passed in order to continue in the application process.

You may wish to go to the websites of these online testing organisations if you wish to find out additional information on the types of tests used; but 3rd party information is not endorsed by South Wales Police.

Assessment Centre UPDATE

Due to COVID 19 an online assessment process will be used until further notice. Read information on this assessment process.

The new process will enable rapid recruitment without face-to-face contact while social distancing measures are required. It will also enable secure online assessment to be part of an efficient and user-friendly candidate journey in the future.

The online assessment process

The online assessment process consists of a three-stage approach designed for the efficient assessment and recruitment of police constables. The three stages are:

Stage 1 – Situational judgement test (SJT)

This test measures your ability to choose the appropriate action in situations similar to those you are likely to face as a police constable. This test will measure your judgement and ability to make effective decisions against the Competency and Values Framework for Policing. [

South Wales Police uses our own shortlisting tools so if you are invited to take part in the online assessment centre you will start the process at STAGE 2.

Stage 2 – Competency-based interview

You will be asked a series of questions about how you have dealt with specific situations in the past. This is your opportunity to provide some examples of the key competencies and values that are important for police constables. You can use examples from both your work and your personal life. If you have completed stage 1, you will be required to take stage 2 immediately upon completion.

Stage 3 – Written assessment and briefing exercise

Stage 3a – Written assessment

In this exercise, you will assume the role of a police constable and will have to complete an urgent written task for your line manager. You will receive four items of information to help you with this task.

Stage 3b – Briefing exercise

In this exercise, you will assume the role of a police constable and will have responsibility for dealing with some issues presented to you. You will be tasked with providing a response to a number of questions in relation to this issue. You will be provided with preparation materials to consider your answer.

Please note that you will receive and be able to take stages 3a and 3b separately

Required technology

You can complete the exercises on any internet-enabled device with a camera (laptop, tablet or phone), but to ensure full compatibility with the online platform, the following should be set up.

Your operating system should be Windows 7 (or higher) or Mac OS 10.11 (or higher).

Your browser should be the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari (Apple products only).

You should have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed, and you require a webcam and microphone to record responses.