Re-joiner information

Former officers may now re-join a force even if their previous service ended more than five years before re-joining, and they may be appointed to a higher, lower or the same rank, subject to a decision by the chief officer making the appointment.

If you would like to register your interest please contact our recruitment team by email: [email protected]


Unfortunately officers wishing to apply must have successfully completed their 2/3 year probationary period at the appropriate rank or Step 4 of the NPPF process as at the closing date of the application process.

Unfortunately civilian investigators are not sworn police officers and are ineligible to transfer to a Police Officer role, this is despite the fact they may have investigative experience.

Please note that most vacancies are for Eastern Basic Command Unit and certain specialist departments. If you wish to transfer to other locations or roles within South Wales Police, your application may be held pending future vacancies.

If successful we will ask you to attend a medical appointment, which includes an eyesight test. Minimum standard is currently 6/36 unaided vision (without glasses/contact lenses).

We will contact your HR department to verify sickness, PDR, training, salary and pension. Please provide a direct email and telephone number for them.

We would suggest that the rank of Inspector or above would be suitable.

Provided training courses attended are nationally accredited, following national guidelines and there is evidence of competence (i.e. certificate of completion of courses and refreshers) they would be transferrable.

Officers who have Ospre qualifications would need to apply for promotion after appointment when we have a promotion recruitment process open at South Wales Police. You will transfer on your current grade.

  • All England and Wales territorial Police forces.
  • The Police Service of Northern Ireland
  • British Transport Police (BTP)
  • Ministry of Defence (Mod) Police And Port of Tilbury Constabulary
  • Channel Isles, Isle of Man Police

We are not currently accepting applications from officers serving with:

  • The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC)
  • National Crime Agency (NCA) – staff with investigative experience but not sworn officers.