We are able to approve reasonable adjustments at our assessment centres for candidates that can provide a full adult diagnostic report. If you are unable to provide a report as part of your application please be aware that reasonable adjustments may not be able to be considered for these elements.

It is important that applicants consider if they would like to request arrangements that will assist them in completing elements of the recruitment process. This could be in relation to disability, neurodiversity, pregnancy, menopause, injury, religion or belief etc.

Examples of arrangements that can be provided may include:

  • interviews being conducted in ground floor rooms only,
  • allowances for individuals who are pregnant to remain in recruitment pools until they feel able to continue in the recruitment process (operational roles)
  • additional time being provided to individuals with dyslexia.

If you would like to request arrangements for support or further information please contact our HR Recruitment Team; where possible this should be before you submit an application. 

Any contact or information requests received relating to reasonable adjustments and accommodations will be treated with the upmost confidence.


If you require our equality information in an alternative format please contact us to request or discuss your needs.

To contact us please email [email protected] or call 01656 869225.