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Think… before you buy

Riding off-road motorbikes or quads is a popular pastime – used responsibly they can be great fun, but only on private land and with permission from the landowner.

However, these aren’t toys, and may also be used in dangerous, illegal and anti-social ways. They can cause death and serious injury, as well as problems and distress for other people.

Before you buy please make sure you are aware of your safety and legal requirements.

Ask yourself:

What safety equipment and clothing is required?

Where will you ride which is safe, legal and considerate to others?


You can only ride an off-road motorbike or quad legally if it is on private land and you have the landowner’s permission. Land owned by the local council is not classed as private land.

It is illegal to ride any mechanically propelled vehicle in public open spaces such as parks, play areas and on pavements. If using roads you will need to hold a suitable licence, insurance, tax, display a registration plate and possibly hold a valid MOT.

Roads include a highway, any other road the public has access to, public footpaths, bridleways and even many car parks.

We regularly receive complaints concerning the anti-social use of off-road motorbikes and quads.

Sadly ambulance crews are also called out to children and adults who have sustained serious injuries as a result of using these bikes illegally and without wearing any protective clothing or a helmet.

To reduce harm police operations are carried out across south Wales and we make no apology for seizing illegally used off-road motorcycles and quads, and prosecuting riders.

Parents and carers who allow children to use these vehicles illegally can also be liable for a fine and penalty points on their driving licence.

Please think before you buy

If you have any questions about the laws surrounding off-road bikes or quads visit www.askthe.police.uk.