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Public Misconduct Hearings

As of 1st May 2015 Police Misconduct Hearings may be heard in public. There will be certain situations where it will be necessary and appropriate for all, or parts of, a police disciplinary or appeal hearing to be held in private. The senior officer or legally-qualified person chairing the panel will make this decision.

We will publish public Police Misconduct Hearings below. Applications to attend can be sent to our Professional Standards Department where they will be considered individually.

The publication of outcome notices from misconduct hearings will be made available to the public on this page for a period of 28 days.


Forthcoming hearings:

No information at this time.


Hearing outcomes:

PC 5451 Timothy Hunt

South Wales Police held a special case hearing in Police HQ, Cowbridge Road, Bridgend at 9.30am on Thursday, 13th August concerning PC 5451 Timothy Hunt.

The hearing considered 13 allegations of Discreditable Conduct and Confidentiality which arose following his behaviour when on duty, sending a photograph of a sexual nature to another person and misuse of police computer systems.
The hearing, chaired by Chief Constable Matt Jukes, delivered the sanction of dismissal without notice.


PS 4559 Adam Reed and PC 1115 Jemma Dicks

Two South Wales Police officers who engaged in sexual activity while on duty have appeared before a misconduct hearing in Bridgend.
The hearing considered allegations against former Police Sergeant Adam Reed and Police Constable Jemma Dicks, who were both based in the force’s Eastern division and accused of breaching a number of Standards of Professional Behaviour.

PS Reed was accused of breaching three standards, namely those relating to Authority, Respect and Courtesy, Duties and Responsibilities and Discreditable Conduct.

PC Dicks was alleged to have breached the standards relating to Duties and Responsibilities and Discreditable Conduct.
An independent panel consisting of a legally qualified chair, a Superintendent and an independent panel member, considered the allegations during a public hearing.

It found all allegations against PS Reed and PC Dicks proven and that their actions amounted to gross misconduct.
PS Reed, who resigned from the force prior to the misconduct proceedings, was formally dismissed from the force. A referral will now be made to the College of Policing to prevent him returning to the profession.

PC Dicks, who has remained a serving officer albeit removed from frontline duties during the investigation, was given a final written warning.
The panel concluded that a final written warning was appropriate to “uphold proper professional standards and protect the public’s confidence in policing”. It also considered PC Dicks “conduct in the round, together with her early admissions and significant mitigation a lesser outcome than dismissal was the correct balance”. It did not consider that the conduct was incompatible with continuing to serve as a police officer as PC Dicks had never sought to lie or cover up her actions and had made frank admissions when asked. In these circumstances, the panel considered that there was a public interest in allowing this officer to continue to serve and dismissal would be disproportionate and unduly punitive.

Chief Superintendent Claire Evans, head of the South Wales Police Professional Standards Department, said: “All police officers pledge to uphold the Standards of Professional Behaviour and Codes of Ethics, and South Wales Police takes extremely seriously those who fail to do so.

“There is no question that former PS Reed and PC Dicks’ conduct fell far below the standards which are expected of them.
“The sanction of a Final Written Warning is an extremely serious outcome and will remain on the officer’s personal record for the next 18 months. South Wales Police employs almost 5,000 police officers and members of staff, who demonstrate the very highest levels of professional conduct and integrity at all times.

“Members of the public and the communities of South Wales should be reassured that the force’s Professional Standards Department takes any complaint or allegation relating to an individual’s conduct extremely seriously, as has been demonstrated here, and will always ensure that such matters are thoroughly investigated and that appropriate action is taken.”