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Deputy Local Policing Sergeant Richard Edmunds – Merthyr

Force Number: 1931

Contact Number: Ext: 44671


Sergeant Ryan Davies
Local Policing Inspector Ryan Davies – Merthyr

Force Number: 847

Contact Number: Ext 44672


Neighbourhood Beat Manager PC Chris HUGHES

Force Number: 5746

Contact Number: 07870 911105


Sergeant Myfanwy Beaumont
Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant Myfanwy Beaumont

Force Number: 5344



Jordan ParkAge: 21Links to GIlfach GochOffence: AssaultRef: 042280 ... MoreLess

Jordan Park
Age: 21
Links to GIlfach Goch
Offence: Assault
Ref: 042280


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21?🧐 Either you got the age wrong or this lad has had a really hard life🤣!

Lewis James Sophie Marie Thomas Luke James keep your lids peeled

21 😂😂😂

Nikita Violet Richelle Jones 😂😂

Toni Button

Jody Summers Emily Grainger??😮

Nicole Walker😂😂😂

Lisa Draper

Adele Phillips

hahahahahaha😂 Jordan Rose Maskell

Shellby Llewellyn

Holly Bailey

Tristan Williams😂

Abby Rowlands


Jack Major

Ben Williams Riley Cope Cole Parry😂

Liam Swain

21 but looks like a 30yo smack head 😂😂😂

Shaun Nicholas

Conor Bapsy Fryer as you would say “I’ve seen younger looking fossils”

Aarron Key 😂

Fukkin state mun

Keira Dearden Ashley Cottrell

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Can you help Cheshire Police trace the whereabouts of Louise Wilde?Last seen on the 25th January 2019 - information received by Cheshire Police believes she may be in the South Wales region. ... MoreLess

Can you help Cheshire Police trace the whereabouts of Louise Wilde?

Last seen on the 25th January 2019 - information received by Cheshire Police believes she may be in the South Wales region.


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What's her name? What area is she from? South Wales Police : Heddlu De Cymru

She looks familiar 🤔🤔??

Shared in Pontypridd

Louise Wilde is her name and she is missing from Warrington and been spotted in South Wales, it is on Cheshire police for people to know and search away lol x

Ah Warrington Ian Lewis so probably not

Shared ponty

Shared Beddau pontypridd

Shared in merthyr Tydfil

Share mountain ash

Shared Rhondda Bargains now you've given details to work with!

Shared Llanelli

Hope she’s fond s

Shared Blackwood South Wales

Shared Llanhilleth x

Shared mountain ash

Shared caerphilly

Shared Ferndale Rhondda

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See who has been jailed for offences committed across Rhondda Cynon Taf and Merthyr Tydfil. ... MoreLess


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Brilliant lock them up !

Jack Langmead Ioan Stephen Davies-Cale

Thank you 😊

Good job one and all!

Christian Lee Barsi

Matthew Davies Joe Page it's cluckers 😮😱

They deserved much longer sentences.

Emma Louise Walters lol xxxxx

They deserve to be in prison but some of their sentences are ridiculous

Gavin Forward Jayne Beddis

Well the one boys sentence is beyond a joke after what he did disgrace

Waste of tax payers money keeping these lot in the luxury of a prison cell 🙄

How can 2 people 6yrs apart get done for the same thing, 1 gets given 12m the other gets 3yrs and 6m x

Surprised not to see you here Mike Collins. Thought you got caught for incident exposure

Should have had longer

Anneline Stone recognise anyone?

Some of these must have had up Hill paper rounds. Looking a lot older than their ages

This is a fab way to raise aweness of how hard the police service work to keep us safe 👌


Carly Evans scroll down

Shane Jenkins

Christopher McCarthy look down the list

Kirsty Barrett

Right side, check the Winchester and Whydam ....

Tidy looking bunch 😂

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