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10 hours ago

South Wales Police Cardiff

Our #OpSceptre teams are continuing to make life difficult for those involved in violence or with weapons or drugs.Among the work being carried out are high-visibility searches such as this in #Cardiff earlier this week by our Territorial Support Team. 🔽--Mae ein timau #YmgyrchSceptre yn parhau i wneud bywyd yn anodd i'r sawl sy'n ymwneud â thrais neu arfau neu gyffuriau.Ymysg y gwaith a wneir mae'r chwiliadau gwelededd uchel fel yr un yma yng Nghaerdydd yn gynharach yr wythnos hon gan ein Tîm Cymorth Tiriogaethol. 🔽 ... MoreLess


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Cardiff is getting a very intimidating Place ! Late at night try to walk home ?? dealing in St John's Square openly !

Any chance of dealing with another offensive weapon on Queen St. & St. Mary Street please? That is BICYCLES !!!!!

Spend a day wondering around st Mary's street in plain clothes. You will see guys openly dealing drugs without a single f**k given for what there doing.

If the Government provided for addicts instead of gangs then there would be no reason for gangs or knife violence. Facilitate then rehabilitate. 🤷‍♂️

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20 hours ago

South Wales Police Cardiff

So tonight we’ve even got 2 officers from Germany 🇩🇪 over to see how our South Wales Police : Heddlu De Cymru #PoliceVolunteers work with South Wales Police Cardiff on the #SafetyBus 👏🏻Their work has no bounds 🤣Here they are stopping in at Y Plas Nightclub in Cardiff University Students' Union along with Proactive First Aid Great work team have a safe night!South Wales Police & Crime CommissionerSkills & Volunteering Cymru - SVC ... MoreLess


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Exchange of ideas and methods cannot be a bad thing.

Show them how it's done guys girls 👍❤️💙

what a waste of money an a free hoilday for them pair

Wellcome to wales

Harry Morrin

What a waste of money--lets hope we are NOT footing the bill !

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🚨 More illegal off-road vehicles seized as part of Operation Red Mana 🚨 Once again we joined forces with Cardiff Council / Cyngor Caerdydd at the weekend to tackle off-road bikes in Cardiff.4️⃣ off-road vehicles were seized as part of the operation and all of the bikes will be crushed and recycled unless the owners claim their vehicle back with the correct paperwork and insurance details.A black Detroit pit bike was spotted on Coryton roundabout which officers stopped and seized.A 30-year-old man from Thornhill was arrested on suspicion of driving while under the influence of drugs. He has been released under investigation pending the result of blood analysis.A further 3️⃣ off-road vehicles were confiscated from Rover Way Travellers Site as they had been abandoned on the Coastal Path.The vehicles were found following a pursuit of one of the quads into the site which was eventually seized.Cllr Michael Michael, Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Environment and Recycling said: 💬 The number of people in communities across the city who complain to me about these bikes and quads being ridden over park land and on the city's roads is increasing.💬 This is why we are working with the South Wales Police : Heddlu De Cymru on this matter and our operations will continue to try to remove as many of these vehicles as possible.💬 These bikes can be used on private land with the permission of the landowner or at any registered track. What is not allowed is to drive them on council land, often being driven dangerously at speed which puts other park users and road users at risk."Pc Martin Baggett from South Wales Police said:💬 We know that off-road bikes are a concern for the community and Operation Red Mana is a policing operation dedicated to tackling the issue.💬 Such use of off-road bikes is not only against road traffic regulations but is also extremely dangerous.💬 Our concerns are that someone could be hurt by these bikes which are being ridden at high-speed and also the noise which is damaging quality of life for residents.💬 We would also remind parents of their responsibilities in relation to their children using off-road bikes. The last thing anyone wants is for us to be called to the scene of a collision where someone has been hurt or worse."The Road Traffic Act allows police to seize such uninsured vehicles and those being driven without a licence.Section 59 of the Road Traffic Act. Section 59 allows the police to give drivers a warning if they are reported to have used their vehicle in a manner which causes "alarm, distress or annoyance".Offenders also risk losing their homes as anti-social and illegal behaviour could see them in breach of their tenancy agreement with the local authority or housing association.We would encourage the public to report any general information regarding the illegal use of off-road bikes by #keepingCardiffsafe @swpcardiff @SWP_Roads ... MoreLess


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Would you consider selling them to members of the public, im a biker myself and would love an off road bike for off road track days

Great news well done SWP

Great job, well done to you all

Great stuff! Bare in mind though, you have to have the reg plate number to report it. I have video evidence of an off road vehicle being rode up and down a street (with a kid on the front seat.) Even though I know where the vehicle is kept, nothing can be done because the video doesn’t have the reg plate showing. Infuriating 😡

Awesome well done👍

Hooray these things are lethal on our roads

Well done to SWP

Excited for more,

Well done

Saw three if these the other day in the Rhondda. A subtle hint🙄

For those saying the bikes are rubbish or not worth seizing, it is not the bikes that are dangerous, it is the idiots that ride them. Well done SWP

Well done SWP.

It looks like the police are wasting time again . The bikes are poo . Get the big bikes if u can . !!

Operation "Red Mana" has made me laugh more than it should have.....

£50 best offer I can do maybe £70 if you deliver we got a deal 😂

Good call SWP

Bikes ain’t worth taking 😂😂😂

Well done these idiots spoil it for the rest of us..👍

Creamynadia Eastwood

Creamynadia Eastwood

See lots of posts about chasing down bikes that no one really cares about. I think the whole community would appreciate you chasing down these scumbags stealing tools out of peoples Van's. At least these bikers probably payed for these bikes. Hmmm thought, are you just as bad as these tool theives stealing these bikes from people who have worked hard for them?

Excellent news. Well done SWP😁🤗

Should be called operation red mongs

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