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We are urging our communities to be vigilant about a scam calls throughout South Wales.

Over the last few days, a number of scam calls have reported to us across our force area of fraudsters claiming to be serving police officers from Scotland Yard and other forces.

Victims have asked to provide banking information, personal data and arrange to meet up at a specified location to exchange money.

South Wales Police is investigating these reports and working with partner agencies to bring justice to those affected by these crimes.

Communities across South Wales are reminded:

  • ·       Police Officers will never ask for money or arrange a meeting point to collect cash
  • ·       Never tell anyone your PIN
  • ·       Do not feel pressurised into making a quick decision. A genuine organisation won’t mind giving you time to stop and think
  • ·       If in doubt, call someone you know personally for advice
  • ·       Never click on links included in emails from unknown senders
  • ·       Report any suspicions to Action Fraud, or ring 101
  • ·       Keep a look out for loved ones. If they receive a lot of post, if their phone is often ringing, if they are secretive about their finances, report your suspicions

For more advice on scams visit

Chief Superintendent Andrew Valentine said:

“Receiving reports of individuals claiming to be serving Police Officers is worrying.

“Serving Police Officers will never approach or contact a member of the public for money. Our role is to keep our communities safe and protect the vulnerable.

“South Wales Police has a dedicated operation to combat this type of crime. Operation Signature exists to co-ordinate investigations and engagement with finance institutions among other partners and we remain grateful to them for their continuing support in alerting us early as to their suspicions also.

“Remember the police will never contact you asking for money. If you receive a scam call, hang up as soon as possible and report to us by calling 101 or 999 in an emergency”.