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Volunteers and Special Constables

National Volunteers’ Week 2020 –   Click here to find out more 

Here’s a bit about the Special Constabulary:

You already have a career you love – now you want a different challenge in your spare time. If you can commit to at least 16 hours a month, bring integrity and common sense to everything you do and stay calm under pressure, we want to hear from you. As volunteer Police Officers, Special Constables have full police powers, uniform and equipment and work alongside full-time Police Officers and PCSOs to keep South Wales safe. Volunteers for the Special Constabulary come from all walks of life. You may be at home, bringing up a family, or employed in any one of a wide variety of jobs. The diversity and varied experiences of the Special Constabulary helps the police service to represent the communities they serve.

You will be trained to use the same powers as full-time police constables – there will be a lot for you to learn. Once successful in your application you will complete a part time initial training programme which covers classroom based teaching, practical training and distance learning. After this you will begin to carry out your role as a special constable, working alongside an experience police officer or special constable until you are ready to work independently.  You will be expected to commit at least 16 hours a month for the rest of your service.

During your service you will deal with a varied range of incidents. There will be times when you will experience confrontation; you will arrest suspects and attend often distressing events, but it won’t be all blue lights and car chases.

You will be there for people in times of need, there will be occasions when you don’t finish your shift on time and when it feels like all you do is complete paperwork. But if you have the drive to make a difference in your community you will get a great deal out of working alongside full-time officers to make South Wales safer.

The Special Constabulary Delivery Plan –
written by the Special Constabulary for the Special Constabulary.

Chief Officer of the Special Constabulary said: The Special Constabulary is embedded within South Wales Police, effectively supporting its mission and vision, meanwhile offering an attractive volunteering experience to members of our communities.  To achieve this we will become self-sufficient and take ownership of areas of work that support the achievement of both local and Force priorities.”

Police Support Volunteers

Police Support Volunteers are are an integral part of South Wales Police. They are people who give their time freely to perform tasks which complement the duties performed by police officers and staff. They are part of the police culture and are highly valued not only for the direct support they provide but for the key links to the community. They are vetted and undertake many varied tasks depending upon the needs and constraints of each individual police force.

Volunteers can undertake many roles such as assisting officers on the front line, supporting with witness care, helping departments at public events, playing in the South Wales Police band or as a student volunteer while studying at university.

Police Student Volunteers

The Student Volunteer scheme runs parallel with the South Wales Police, Police Support Volunteer Scheme. For the last 6  years the students of South Wales and in particular Cardiff, Swansea Universities and the University of Glamorgan (Treforest) have become pro actively involved in keeping their local communities safe, for both the benefit of the community and the student population of the campus and student villages.

It is encouraging that students engage with the local community in a friendly way, so often the public only see the bad side of the student community and consequently blame many problems (rightly or wrongly) on them. By getting involved and talking to people and solving problems, the public have been able to see that students do care and are interested in the views and opinions of the general community.

The activities undertaken by the student volunteers have also been used by the Universities in their Police Sciences BSc, for example, to provide practical case studies in the teaching of research methods to the students. Working under the direction of members of the Neighbourhood Policing Teams you will engage directly with serving Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers.

The recruitment of Police Student Volunteers is initially administered through the Student Volunteer Council in each campus, working in partnership with members of the local neighbourhood Policing teams.

The normal recruitment of Student Volunteers takes place in May and September each year and the competition for placements is extremely high. Further details can be obtained from your Students Union.

email: to find out more.

South Wales Police Band
Members of the South Wales Police Band include serving and retired Police Officers, Police Staff and Volunteers from the communities of South Wales.

The South Wales Police Band and Drums were formed in 1981 and over the years have played for many and varied audiences in the South Wales area, providing marching music for numerous parades, carnivals and formal occasions.

Extremely high standards of deportment and musicianship are maintained by all members. Some of the notable highlights have included performances on the BBC ‘Blue Peter’, ‘Children in Need’, ‘Songs of Praise’, playing for Royalty and at the Berlin Tattoo.

The Police Band is now internationally renowned with performances in France , Belgium & Malta to celebrate the Dunkirk evacuation of 1940 and the liberation of Northern France/Belgium 1944.

The Police Band welcome requests for their attendance at future community based events but due to heavy demand it is recommended that any requests are submitted many months in advance to Mr Steve Gorwill, South Wales Police Headquarters, Bridgend. e-mail:

Alternatively if you are interested in becoming a volunteer musician with the band, please email

Police Youth Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in the South Wales Police Youth Volunteer (PYV) programme. 

Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus all Police Youth Volunteer hubs and activities have been postponed for the next three months. Consequently, we will NOT be accepting expressions of interest during this period. This is likely to reviewed June-September and we encourage you to get in touch with us then via

South Wales Police Youth Volunteers are an important part of the police family

The scheme is part of a nationally recognised police uniformed youth group throughout the UK. It isn’t necessarily to recruit police officers, but to encourage the spirit of adventure in young people, to learn more, do more, try more, to make friends and most of all – to have fun.

It’s an excellent opportunity, and will look great on your CV when you start applying for work or to colleges and universities

Applicants must:

  • Be between 14 and 18 years old
  • Want to support their local communities and commit to making a positive difference
  • Be enthusiastic about and interested in supporting the police service
  • Be able to provide a regular commitment, units usually meet at a local school or community venue once a week and are led by police officers, police staff and volunteers.
  • Be interested in developing their leadership skills

We currently have over 200 volunteers at hubs based in Barry, Swansea, Cardiff, Bridgend, Port Talbot, Neath, Rhondda, Merthyr and the Vale of Glamorgan.

If you are interested in finding out more about the youth scheme please email

Police and Crime Commissioner Volunteer Opportunities
There are also opportunities to support our Police and Crime Commissioner to hold the police to account by independently checking how we care for the people in our custody and our animals by volunteering with our:

Volunteer Chaplains
The main role purpose is to provide and co-ordinate an inter-denominational pastoral support service to police officers and staff employed by South Wales Police, together with support for Special Constables, and other volunteers whilst deployed within the force, and their families.

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