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Public Service Centre Operators Audio Tests

Public Service Centre Operators have to deal with a wide range of calls from people who need support from the police service, some of whom may be frightened, angry and distressed. If your application is successful, you will be asked to attend an assessment where you will be required to complete two timed audio tests. One test will be to assess your spelling and grammar specifically, and the other will be to test whether you can extract salient information from the call. Both tests will assess your ability to handle these types of calls and obtain the information our police officers need.

In order to pass the tests you don’t need to type word for word, but you must cover all the relevant and important information and everything you type must make sense.

Provided below is a practice test to help you assess your ability to undertake this element of the PSC Operator role. Feel free to pause the recording or play it back to capture all of the information – this will be acceptable in the live test but it will slow your typing speed and you may not finish all the scenarios in the prescribed time which may affect your overall score. When you have finished, press the show button to show a full transcript. Compare this to your typed answer, making sure all the relevant points have been covered and the sentences make sense.

Please press play to listen to the scenario

Please type the information you can hear

Check your answer

Hi I was assaulted last night; I was hit to the face and head. I don’t know who the assailant was. It happened at the Nags head last night. I was there between 1700-2100. My Name is Jane Morgan and I live at 103 High Street, Maesteg. My DOB is 20/12/1971.
I don’t need an ambulance.

This practice test will not check your speed or accuracy. To gain further practice you could try listening to a programme on the television or radio and typing the information as you are listening.