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We’re supporting the first national Stephen Lawrence Day today (Monday 22nd April).💬 Chief Constable Matt Jukes said: “I want us to take a moment to pause and remember and reflect on the inaugural Stephen Lawrence Day.“Stephen was murdered 26 years ago, and it’s 20 years since the Macpherson report shone a light on the effectiveness of policing to represent and respond to its communities, something we’ve spent an awful lot of time on in the year’s since. “Over the coming weeks, we will be out through our schools liaison officers in classrooms across South Wales talking about Stephen’s incredible potential, his life, what happened after his death, but also critically talking about the opportunities for us to be alongside communities and particularly young people to help them flourish, stay safe and fulfil their potential.”➡️ More info on our work with diverse communities➡️ More info on Stephen Lawrence Day yn cefnogi diwrnod cenedlaethol cyntaf i gofnodi bywyd Stephen Lawrence.💬 Dywed Prif Gwnstabl Matt Jukes: “Rwyf am i ni gymryd eiliad i gofio a meddwl ar Ddiwrnod Cenedlaethol cyntaf Stephen Lawrence.”“Cafodd Stephen ei lofruddio 26 mlynedd yn ôl, ac mae 20 mlynedd ers i adroddiad Macpherson godi amheuon ar allu'r Heddlu i gynrychioli ac i ymateb i gymunedau, rhywbeth rydym wedi treulio llawer iawn o amser yn gwella yn y blynyddoedd diwethaf.”“Dros yr wythnosau nesaf, bydd ein swyddogion cyswllt ysgolion mewn ystafelloedd dosbarth ar draws De Cymru yn siarad am botensial anhygoel Stephen, ei fywyd, yr hyn a ddigwyddodd ar ôl ei farwolaeth. Hefyd fe fyddwn yn siarad am y cyfleoedd i ni weithio ochr yn ochr â chymunedau ac yn arbennig pobl ifanc i'w helpu i ffynnu, aros yn ddiogel a chyflawni eu potensial.”➡️ Am mwy o wybodaeth ein gwaith i fod yn weithlu mwy cynrychioliadol➡️ mwy o wybodaeth am ddiwrnod Stephen Lawrence ... MoreLess


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Wonderful tribute X I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the very nice policeman I think his name is Keith for contacting the sanctuary to come to the aid of the gypsy pony collapsed outside the stadium.great job south Wales police not all forces have been as digilent lately 😀

What about a Lee Rigby day ?

Nothing to do with Wales. His parents rewarded with honours, enough is enough.

They came to our local school it's a good thing for our children to learn. My son came home and told me all about it

Well done boss!!!

Everything, all crimes, have to be accountable, investigated, and we the public acknowledge the tasks of the police and they do pursue certain matters with effort and diligence. For this we are lucky to have them.

Will you be doing the same for Lee Rigby.

Like others have said where’s the lee rigby day or the kris Donald day

I feel for the parents but there are hundreds of other children murdered out there they never ever get a mention time to hear about some else it’s been 20 years now

Absolutely appalling this was never brought to justice ❤️❤️❤️

Theres a lot of whataboutery on this page it seems.


What a load of rubbish

Love how the idiots on here want to make a competition out of people's death...get a life you sad cows.

What about a Ross Parker day, or a Kriss Donald day, both equally murdered by racist vermin, but forgotten.

Omg that poor lad that was absolutely disgusting his poor family makes me cry 😢

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Happy Easter to everyone celebrating today, and to all of our communities.🐰🥚🚔Pasg Hapus i bawb sy'n dathlu heddiw, ac i'n holl gymunedau. ... MoreLess

Happy Easter to everyone celebrating today, and to all of our communities.


Pasg Hapus i bawb syn dathlu heddiw, ac in holl gymunedau.


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Happy Easter to all my friends and family hope you all have a great day

Happy Easter to all my family and friends x

Happy Easter back to all you too.stay safe 👍

Happy Easter to you all too, God bless you.

Happy Easter 🐣 All keep safe out there .

Happy Easter to you all,stay safe.

Legalise cannabis, happy easter

Happy Easter all x

Lovely photos and amazing bonnets 💗🐣

God Bless you for making a difference when you know it and especially when you don't.

The same to you and Linda xx

Happy Easter, stay safe 💙

Have a quiet one. Happy Easter.


Thank you xxx

Not into easter really happy easter to all that are especially glynn Jones and all his gang

Happy Easter Kay Humphreys love from us both xxx

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3 days ago

South Wales Police : Heddlu De Cymru

A man who died following an incident at an address in Clydach, Swansea, on Wednesday evening has been named as 48-year-old Frederic Pallade (pictured below).Frederic, a French national, had lived in the Swansea area for many years.His family have been informed of his death and are being supported by specially trained officers from South Wales Police’s Major Crime Investigation Team.They have asked for privacy and for time to grieve for his death.Andrew Tudor Jones, 47, from the Clydach area, has been charged with murder. He is due to appear at Swansea Magistrates’ Court tomorrow.Detective Chief Inspector Paul Giess said: “We are grateful to the community for their support while we continue this investigation and I would like to reassure them that we are not looking for anyone else in connection with this incident.”However, anyone with any information which may assist the investigation is asked to call police on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111, quoting occurrence 1900137590. ... MoreLess


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So young so sad rip

What is shock are used to share a flat with Frederic 😢

Very sad, RIP Frederic 😢


Very sad

Jean Davies x

Omg i knew him years ago R.I.P mate so sad

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Dogs die in hot cars. 🚗🐶With the weather forecast for a warm Easter weekend, pet owners shouldn't risk their animals' lives by leaving them in hot vehicles. ☀️☀️PC Walter Pennell explained: "Dogs pant to help themselves to stay cool. However, the effectiveness of panting is reduced at high temperatures which could result in the dog dying if they overheat." ... MoreLess

Dogs die in hot cars. 🚗🐶

With the weather forecast for a warm Easter weekend, pet owners shouldnt risk their animals lives by leaving them in hot vehicles. ☀️☀️

PC Walter Pennell explained: Dogs pant to help themselves to stay cool. However, the effectiveness of panting is reduced at high temperatures which could result in the dog dying if they overheat.


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I rang SWP 101 today for a similar incident and they responded quickly. The PC was brill

I think i probably would to....👍😻

Owning a dog is a RESPONSIBILITY not a RIGHT

I recently took a group of Year 6 pupils out with a member of Cardiff Council on a road safety walk in our local area, during the walk we came across a car that had a dog inside, it was a warm day. This happened at around 10am, the children were very concerned for the dog as it was panting and looked distressed, the owner had left the rear windows open about 2 inches however there was no breeze, the children knocked the doors on the street, went in to our local hwb and asked inside if the owner was there to no avail. We rang 999 to report this, it took an hour approx for 2 PCSO's to turn up and during that time the person whose house the car was parked outside came home (it was nothing to do with him) and said he had gone out at 9am and the dog had been in there then. The PCSO's managed to get the dog out and about 5mins later the owner came out of the Hwb, where the children had been to ask, and said he had been delayed in a meeting!!! I asked the PCSO what they were going to do about it and he said that the dog was not in direct sunlight (even though as we pointed out the sun was shining on the car) apparently this didn't count as the car had a roof on it???? to my mind surely that made it worse, I asked what would have happened had it been a child to which I was told that it would be a very different situation as unfortunately this was 'just a dog' and there are no actual laws just guidelines. We witnessed the PCSO's speak to the owner and then he was allowed to put his dog back in the car and go back to finish his meeting which would only take about another 5 mins!!! This is in no way a complaint regarding these PCSO's as they are just doing the best they can and work within the guidelines however I feel very strongly that something needs to change in relation to this.

Vicki Fry lets hope that horrid driver in Tenby doesn’t lock their poor pooch in again now the weather is getting really hot x

They should be charged for it no dogs going my car as heaters are stuck fully on

When are people going to learn

Never too soon to remind people

Matthew Roberts

Smash the window, simple!

South Wales Police : Heddlu De Cymru how about clarifying what public can do if finding a dog in a car that's in distress, to avoid misinformation.

South Wales Police : Heddlu De Cymru what do we do if we do come across this situation? Do we leave the dog die or can we break the window to remove the dog?

Tirion Miles always keep your window open bro for Amiee Thomas

If we have to share posts throughout the summer time every single year this is showing that there is no hope talking sense to these moron pet owners

Anyone who keeps an animal as a pet is primarily a selfish person. Why should we expect them to put the animal's safety before their "right" to own a pet?

And I'll still smash any car window and remove said dog and await your arrival.

Tell that to the police man who left his dog to die in a hot car

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