Information in British Sign Language

For those members of our communities that are deaf or hard of hearing, there are alternative options to contact us.

For information in British Sign Language (BSL) about how to contact us in an emergency or a non-emergency, watch the videos below.

How to contact the police in an emergency

If you are deaf or hard of hearing and need to contact South Wales Police in an emergency, you can dial the force’s minicom system or use an emergency SMS service.

The minicom number is: 01656 656980

Please save this number in your machine, and write it down and keep it in a safe place so that you can find it quickly if you need to.

If you want to use the emergency SMS service, simply type the recipient of the message into your handset as 999.

To use this service, you must pre-register, so please consider registering now.

You can register online at or by texting the word “register” to 999 and then follow the instructions.

You should contact the police for an emergency when immediate action is necessary.

For example:

• A crime is in progress
• Someone suspected of a crime is nearby
• Someone’s life is at risk
• Someone is injured
• There is violence being used or threatened

The control room operator will ask you some simple questions such as:

• “What is your name?”
• “What is the number of the telephone you are calling from?”
• “What has happened?”
• “Where is the incident?”
• “Is anyone hurt?”

Try to answer the questions as calmly and clearly as you can.

The operator might also ask you other questions to help assist as quickly as possible. Whilst they speak to you, they will also be giving information to officers who will be on their way to help.

How to contact the police in a non-emergency

If you want to speak to South Wales Police but don’t require an emergency response, there are lots of ways to get in touch.

The 101 service is available for you to report a non-emergency incident.

For example, you would use the 101 service when:

• A car has been stolen
• Property has been damaged
• You wish to pass on information about drug use or dealing
• You want to report a minor traffic collision
• You’re giving information about other crime

To report a non-emergency, you can textphone 18001 101 or contact the South Wales Police minicom service on 01656 656980.

There is also the option to speak to your local neighbourhood policing officer about issues in your area.

South Wales Police holds regular PACT meetings with community partners that give you the opportunity to decide what problems you want tackled to make your community better.

Up to three priorities can be put forward at each meeting and officers will report back to you on what’s been done.

The contact details of your local neighbourhood policing team and your next local PACT meeting are available online.

For more information on how to contact South Wales Police, such as online or by post, visit the ‘Contact Us’ page.