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Silent solution system

When you are unable to speak

You can alert the police that you need help, even when in a situation where you unable to speak.

Make yourself heard by dialling 999 and respond by coughing of tapping the handset if you can. Alternatively press 55 when prompted which lets the call handler know it’s an emergency.


Please always dial 999 in an emergency.

The 999 number should be used in emergency situations, so when a crime is in progress, a suspect is nearby, there is danger to life or when violence is threatened.


To report a non-emergency crime you can:

The 101 non-emergency number should be used to report non-urgent crime and for general inquiries. It’s the number to call if your car gets stolen for example, or if you want to report drug use or dealing, if your property gets damaged or to speak to an officer.

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