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Fraud has become more and more frequent in today’s world with the internet giving more opportunities for criminals to commit fraudulent crime. Fraudsters have found ways to steal money from victims through a whole host of ways that include online as well as offline. Fraudsters are also using different ways to communicate to potential victims which include:

  • phoning people at their homes or at their work,
  • phoning or texting mobile phones,
  • scam emails and phishing emails,
  • using fake identifications on dating websites and other websites,
  • setting up fake websites
  • setting up fake Facebook or social media profiles,
  • posting letters to homes claiming they owe a debt,
  • posing as a charity and knocking on house doors to ask for donations,
  • posing as telecommunication companies, web-service companies, utilities companies, banks or other financial institutions such as building societies or Paypal
  • and so on.

You can find out more information about fraud on the Action Fraud website.