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Facial Recognition Technology – Fair Processing Notice

Who is the Data Controller?

The Data Controller is the Chief Constable of South Wales Police. For any queries, please email:

What is the purpose for the processing and the legal basis for the processing?

Facial recognition technology aims to identify individuals or authenticate individuals by comparing their faces against a database of known faces and looking for a match.

The process can be broken down into three very general steps. First, the computer must find the face in the image. It then creates a numeric representation of the face based on the relevant position, size and shape of facial features. Finally, this numeric map of the face in the image is compared to a database of images of identifies faces.

Personal data will be processed for a policing purpose, which includes:
• protecting life and property;
• preserving order;
• preventing the commission of offences;
• bringing offenders to justice; and
• any duty or responsibility of the police arising from common or statute law
as well as for national security purposes.

What categories of personal data will be used?

Personal data will include facial images as well as names.

Who will the personal data be transferred to?

Only South Wales Police will have access to the personal data. Information will not be transferred overseas.

What is the retention period or criteria used to determine the retention period?

Data will only be retained as long as is necessary for a policing purpose, as per guidance within the Authorised Policing Practice on information management.

Click here for your right to information.

Click here for details of how to apply for information held about you on South Wales Police systems.

Click here for details of how to apply for a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

The source the personal data originates from and whether it came from publicly accessible sources?

The personal data will originate from police forces and national security agencies.

Your right to request the Information Commissioner to assess a Data Controller’s Processing

Under Section 42 of the Act any person can request the Information Commissioner to make an assessment if they believe that they are/have been adversely affected by the handling of personal data by South Wales Police. Such requests should be made direct to the Information Commissioner whose contact details can be found below.

Generally if individuals have any concerns regarding the way their personal data is handled by South Wales Police or the quality (accuracy, relevance, non-excessiveness etc.) of their personal data they are encouraged to raise them with the South Wales Police Data Management and Disclosure Unit.

The Information Commissioner is the independent regulator responsible for enforcing the Act and can provide useful information about the Act’s requirements. The Information Commissioner’s Office may be contacted using the following:

The Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Tel: 0303 123 1113