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How to Protect Your Bike


Locking your bike:

  • Purchase a Sold Secure bike lock, see Sold Secure for advice before buying one.
  • Always ensure you lock your bike, whether it’s at home or when you are out and about even if leaving it for a few seconds.
  • Lock your bike at a purpose-built bike rack as it may be removed from other items of street furniture, such as railings or lamp posts
  • Lock both the frame & wheels to the bike rack, or if at home, lock it away and keep it out of sight
  • Reduce the gap between the bike and the lock to stop the lock being moved around to cut
  • Ensure your lock is facing the ground as this makes it more difficult to attack
  • Remove items such as lights, speedometers etc
  • If your bike has quick release wheels, make sure you lock these through the frame.

Download our Locking your bike guide.

Download our Help us put the brakes on bike crime leaflet

Registering your bike:

  • Take photographs of your bike, particularly of any distinctive features or parts.
  • Ensure you record the unique frame number which is stamped on the frame, underneath the pedals.
  • We recommend that you get your bike marked and registered for free at
  • Look out for Police Bike Marking events, where your local officers will register your cycle for free. Contact you local Neighbourhood Policing Team for dates, times and locations of up-coming events or follow us on Twitter.

In the event that your bike is stolen:

  •  If a crime is in progress phone 999.
  • In other instances phone 101. A record of the theft will be made, so please have as much information to hand regarding the description of your bike, and ensure to inform the operator that your bike is registered on
  • Also notify in the event of your the bike being stolen – this may ensure it is returned to you, if checked by an officer.