Zip it, lock it, watch it!

on Monday, December 10th, 2012

South Wales Police and Gwent Police are warning shoppers to ‘zip it, lock it, watch it’ as they head out to busy shops and town centres over the next few weeks.

"Zip it, lock it, watch it!" is the message in the third week of the "Don't have a nightmare this Christmas!" campaign. The image shows a red handbag and a hand taking out a green purse.
The "Purse Snatchers" poster from the "Don't have a nightmare this Christmas!" campaign. It shows a green purse being taken from a red handbag.

The “Purse Snatchers” poster from the “Don’t have a nightmare this Christmas!” campaign

As part of the “Don’t have a nightmare this Christmas!” campaign, the two police forces are focusing on providing crime prevention advice on the theft of personal belongings.

Although these types of incidents are relatively low, residents are being warned to keep any belongings they may carry in their pockets and bags safe. Some top tips include:

  • Keep your bag shut and secure at all times, and do not carry items such as phones and wallets/purses in easy to access bag pockets;
  • If your bag has a strap, wear it across your body and secure it;
  • Keep your purse/wallet close to your body or in a concealed front jacket pocket;
  • When using your phone in public, be aware of those around you and avoid getting distracted – don’t make yourself an easy target for phone thieves;
  • Never leave your bag unattended or on the back of shopping trolleys or pushchairs;
  • Don’t be flash with your cash in public, and avoid carrying large amounts of money in your purse/wallet.

A film showing the consequences of not paying attention to your purse and handbag can be viewed below or on the “Don’t have a nightmare this Christmas!” campaign website –

Assistant Chief Constable Julian Kirby of South Wales Police said:

“As we get closer to Christmas, shops and pubs are becoming busier.

“We’ll be working with colleagues to target thieves over the Christmas period, including plain clothes patrols and high visibility patrols inside premises.

“Thieves will seize the opportunity to take purses and mobile phones if they are left unsupervised or easily accessible.

“Keep your cash, purses, wallets and phones close to you at all times and locked away in zipped compartments to avoid being targeted.”

Gwent Police Assistant Chief Constable, Simon Prince, said:

“The joint Christmas campaign between Gwent Police and South Wales Police aims to provide crime prevention advice to local residents and help keep them and their property safe. With lots of people heading to the shops and to pubs and clubs at this time of year, we receive reports of purses, wallets and mobile phones being stolen or going missing. By following a few simple steps, we hope that residents can avoid becoming a victim of crime.”

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