Twelve Special Constables graduate as Police Officers

on Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Special Constables conclude their training to become full-time Police Officers

Chief Constable Peter Vaughan and Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael with the newly trained officers. They are stood in front of the entrance to Police Headquarters.
Chief Constable Peter Vaughan with PC Adam Dawes. They are in front of a blue background showing the South Wales Police crest and shaking hands.

Chief Constable Peter Vaughan with PC Adam Dawes

Congratulations to twelve of our former South Wales Police Special Constables as they conclude training and become full-time Police Officers.

The beginning of their careers as full-time officers was marked in a ceremony attended by Chief Constable Peter Vaughan, Police and Crime Commissioner Mr Alun Michael.

The officers have undertaken a shortened course, taking into consideration their previous training and work as Special Constables.

Each of the officers were selected from the internal recruitment campaign in 2012.

Good luck to all our new police officers; here is to a long and rewarding career at South Wales Police.

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