Business as usual for South Wales Police

on Friday, January 18th, 2013

Despite challenging weather conditions it is business as usual for South Wales Police with officers and staff working in difficult conditions to keep South Wales safe.

Police Headquarters in snowy weather

Assistant Chief Constable Matt Jukes said:

“The heavy snow fall overnight has proved challenging for the force, but we are extremely proud of the commitment and dedication of our staff who have gone to extra lengths to ensure it remains business as usual for South Wales Police.

“Our priority is to provide a 24/7 emergency service to the public of South Wales and we are working hard to meet the additional demands placed upon us.

“As a force we are prepared for the possibility of further bad weather next week and are working closely with other emergency services and partners to ensure the safety of our communities.

“Members of the public travelling today should check the Traffic Wales website for updates on their route before leaving home.

“Those who are travelling should, allow extra time, make use of main roads and avoid less used routes. Motorists should allow extra time for their journey and ensure they keep an appropriate distance between them and the vehicle ahead”.

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