Your Right to Information FAQs

What is Subject Access?

The Data Protection Act 1998 gives individuals the right of access to personal information which may be held about them, subject to certain exemptions, and or payment of the statutory fee (£10 for South Wales Police information). This is called the right of Subject Access.

I’ve made a ‘Subject Access’ request but haven’t received a reply.  What should I do?

We have up to 40 days from the date we received the request to give an official response.  If the 40 days have passed and you haven’t heard anything, please call the Data Protection Unit on 01656 303444.

If we require any further information regarding your application, we will contact you using the contact details you provided.

Please note that if you wish to obtain CCTV footage, you will need to apply at the earliest opportunity, as these are retained for a limited period only.

Organisations who wish to make safer recruitment decisions by accessing criminal record information should contact the Disclosure and Barring Service or Disclosure Scotland.

What is Disclosure Scotland?

Disclosure Scotland is available to anyone within the UK.  Disclosure Scotland is a government approved agency that provides suitable reports for employers showing any relevant convictions.  The reports exclude any convictions classified as ‘spent’ as they should not be relevant to an employment agreement.  Find out more by visiting or calling 0870 609 6006.

How do I request the removal of DNA/Fingerprints and other police information?

Information held by the Police Service is retained in accordance with legislation and national guidance. In limited circumstances, individuals are entitled to request the removal of police held information prior to the defined retention periods. However, this will only be undertaken in exceptional circumstances.

With regards to the removal of DNA and Fingerprints only, please refer to ACPO guidance which outlines the legal position on retention and when samples can be requested for early deletion, if it does not fall into the legal criteria for removal.

Please contact the Data Management and Disclosure Unit if you require further information, email:

My insurers want me to get a copy of the crime report to support a claim.  How do I get hold of it?

Most insurance companies are now signatories to an agreement with Police Forces that allows disclosure of certain information relating to the incident in question, where they feel there may be a fraudulent claim.

In these circumstances your consent will be sought by the insurance company.

Please note, details of convicted offenders will only be provided at the discretion of South Wales Police, if it is proven that the information is needed for legal proceedings or if a court order has been obtained.

I need a copy of my custody record, how can I obtain this?

If you / your solicitor make the request within 12 months of your release date, your custody record can be obtained free of charge from the Criminal Justice Support Unit. Please email: