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  • The ACPO Policy on Security Systems defines police response to commercially monitored and Audio only alarm systems (type A and type B). To eliminate as far as practicable false alarms passed to the police allowing police resources to be employed more effectively on genuine calls.

  • South Wales Police is committed to the protection of animals and wildlife and working in partnership with other agencies in relation to environmental issues, by raising awareness and promoting effective enforcement. The policy is to ensure that police personnel are aware of the procedures involved in relation to animal welfare.

  • This policy explains the operational guidance for use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition equipment and associated administrative functions. It also provides direction to parties seeking to develop ANPR related projects in force or in collaboration with partnership agencies.

  • The procedures contained within the policy are there for police officers to follow in relation to the breathalysers used within South Wales Police.

  • The purpose of this policy is to maintain the professional image of South Wales Police and the confidence of the public it serves. It also ensures the health, safety and welfare of its members.

  • The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 has made it a legal requirement that the Police, must maintain plans to ensure that they can continue to perform their functions in the event of an emergency, so far as reasonably practicable.

  • The aim of the Capability Policy is to improve to an acceptable standard the unsatisfactory level of performance or attendance of an employee with regard to work standards, quality, productivity, attendance or other capability factors.

  • This policy is intended to provide guidance in relation to funerals where the family of a member of staff who has died during service or after retirement requests police involvement.

  • The principles and aim of this policy are to clearly define the procedures of South Wales Police with regard to the management of clinical waste risks in the workplace and to ensure legal compliance.

  • The policy is based on the Models for Learning and Development in the Police Service, produced by NPIA (referred to in this document as Models for Learning (MfL)).

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