The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA)  gives any individual anywhere in the world the right to recorded information held by the Police Service, subject to the application of exemptions.

The Act gives two related qualified rights – the right to be told whether the information is held and the right to receive the information.

All our responses are published in our Disclosure Log to make them available to everyone so check it out. If you want information about a certain topic you can also use the search engine above.

We are also obliged to publish certain classes of information in a Publication Scheme which have been agreed with the Information Commissioner.

The FOI team do not deal with requests for personal information an individual might want about themselves. These are known as ‘Subject Access’ requests and are handled by the Data Protection Unit.

Want to submit an FOI request?

Contact us online or write a letter to:

Freedom of Information Officer
South Wales Police Headquarters
Cowbridge Road
CF31 3SU

You could also call the team on 01656 303444


For your info:

  • The FOIA is fully retrospective and covers all information held in a recorded format.
  • When dealing with requests, the team follow the ACPO-National-Guidance-Manual1.pdf (753 downloads ) .
  • The team has 20 working days to respond to requests, although there are some circumstances where this may be extended, such as to clarify public interest factors. If something needs clarification they’ll stop the clock, but close the request if they don’t get a response from the requester within 60 days
  • The cost limit for responding to FOI requests is £450 or 18 hours worth of work

Any questions? See if our FAQs have got your answer ready and waiting.

You can find more information on the Freedom of Information Act 2000 at