Police and Crime Commissioner

Mr Alun Michael

Mr Alun Michael was elected as the first Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales in November 2012.

The overall responsibility of the Police and Crime Commissioner will be to maintain an effective and efficient police service by holding the Chief Constable to account.

The Commissioner will play a leading role in community safety and crime reduction in the force area, and the Police-and-Crime-Reduction-Plan-2013-17.pdf (795 downloads ) is available to download.

The duties of the Police and Crime Commissioner include:

  • • Setting the local policing priorities, following consultation with the public and any national requirements from the Home Secretary;
  • • Producing a Police and Crime Plan, outlining the priorities;
  • • Scrutinising, supporting and challenging the performance of the force;
  • • Setting the annual police budget and council tax precept*;
  • • Appointing* and, if necessary, dismissing the Chief Constable;
  • • Publishing an Annual Report and Statement of Accounts;
  • • Attending meetings of the Police and Crime Panel;
  • • Investigating complaints against the Chief Constable, and monitoring all complaints against officers and staff;
  • • Administering an Independent Custody Visiting Scheme;
  • • Consulting with and involving the public;
  • • Collaborating with other forces and criminal justice agencies.

(* subject to veto of the Police and Crime Panel)

The Police and Crime Commissioner is responsible for the local police funding. He will receive all government grants and council tax precept payments, and will allocate the budget, in consultation with the Chief Constable.

The Chief Constable will continue to be in charge of the operational policing in South Wales.

Currently, the Chief Constable of South Wales Police is Chief Constable Peter Vaughan.

The Police and Crime Commissioner will be responsible for making sure the Chief Constable does this effectively, and is accountable to the public.

For more information about the Police and Crime Commissioner, visit: www.south-wales.pcc.police.uk.