The Procurement team is responsible for managing the supply of goods and services to South Wales Police.

We are committed to ensuring that all goods and services are procured effectively, efficiently and competitively. South Wales Police aims to conduct all procurement activities fairly and transparently, ensuring businesses have the opportunity to compete for contracts.

Current, future and past Contract Notices are available from Sell2Wales – South Wales Police

For more information, check out: How to do business with South Wales Police – Guide for suppliers

In this guidance booklet, you will find information on where we advertise, our tendering thresholds and procedures, how to express an interest in a tender, our current tenders, evaluation, contract award and payment of invoices.

Also take a look at:

South Wales Police Manual of Governance

Standard Terms below 10k (2013)

If you require any advice on how to tender for South Wales Police business or details about the products or services that are due to be tendered, please call 01656 655 555 and ask for the Procurement Team.