Special Constables are special people

Why? Because they give up their own time to perform the duties of a police officer around their regular jobs.
The Special Constabulary are trained volunteers who support their local police. They volunteer to give a minimum of four hours of their time each week to ‘Keep South Wales Safe’.
Download further information from the College of Policing on the role of Special Constables.

If you’re looking for a challenge outside of your everyday job, being a Special Constable can open up a world of opportunity. You’ll see more parts of life and human nature than most will ever see, and have the same powers as regular police officers.

As a special constable, you will:
•    Support South Wales Police in tackling crime
•    Provide a vital link between the organisation and the community, making the people on your patch feel safer
•    Develop your confidence and self-respect
•    Improve your communication skills

Your main duties will be conducting local, intelligence-based patrols and taking part in crime prevention initiatives, but with training available on an ongoing basis, your responsibility as a special will grow with experience.
South Wales Police have a long term need for Special Constables and as part of our aims to reflect our community we will be running community events in under represented communities across South Wales.
If you are interested in becoming a Special Constable the links above will tell you whether you would be eligible to enter the police service, conditions of employment, the recruitment process, and answer some frequently asked questions. If there’s anything else you want to ask, please contact us.